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Indiana Crop Weather Update
Indiana Ag Connection - 11/28/2023

Indiana's farmers finished gathering their crops and shifted focus to getting ready for winter. According to Nathanial Warenski from the USDA NASS Indiana Field Office, the soil in the state got wetter, with about 58% having enough moisture.

Last week's average temperature was around 39.1°F, a bit cooler than usual by 0.6°F. Rainfall was different across Indiana, ranging from 0.02 to 0.88 inches, lower than the normal average by 0.44 inches.

There were about 5.5 days suitable for working on the fields. Farmers were nearly done harvesting grains, similar to the usual pace. But winter wheat growing was a bit slower than usual.

Most of the farm animals have moved to spots for the winter and seem to be doing okay. Some parts of the state saw snowfall. Farmers were busy moving grains, celebrating the holidays, storing equipment, and getting ready for winter. They were also spreading lime on the land.

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