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Hoosiers advised - Anticipate farm equipment on roads this fall
Indiana Ag Connection - 09/25/2023

Indiana State Police (ISP) Pendleton District is warning motorists about increased presence of agricultural equipment during the fall harvest. Large combines, tractors, and grain carts will be more prevalent, requiring increased attention and caution. ISP and the Indiana Department of Agriculture are promoting roadway safety and responsible driving around these large vehicles.

In recent years, Indiana has witnessed a concerning number of accidents involving farm equipment. In 2020, there were 270 reported crashes resulting in 95 injuries and two fatalities. Although there was a slight decrease in crashes in 2022, with 284 incidents reported, the number of injuries and fatalities increased to 84 and seven, respectively.

To ensure a safe fall season for both motorists and farmers, several safety tips have been recommended:

• Slow down upon spotting agricultural equipment.

• Recognize that farm equipment makes slower, wider turns compared to regular vehicles.

• Exercise caution when overtaking wide agricultural machinery occupying most of the road.

• Plan for potential delays and consider alternate routes due to the movement of large, slow-moving equipment.

• Exhibit patience when following such equipment and be vigilant for nocturnal movement.

• Watch out for wildlife, particularly deer, which may be more active during this period.

• Farmers should also seek suitable locations to pull over and allow traffic to pass safely.

The ISP and the Department of Agriculture are working together to ensure a safe and harmonious environment on roads during the busy agricultural season, promoting awareness and prudence among the Hoosier community.

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